requiem for a dream

i've been both too busy making music and too bummed about the end of tonic to effectively comment on it's closing. in a sense i still am, but i wanted to at least say a few words and post the photo above. i note with some small amount of black humor that this is my thirteenth post about the place (that's more than any other venue i've written about). for more eloquent words, read the words of the patrons on the website.

i was present for the last event of the venue at 107 norfolk street, which bianca almost didn't get into. we had a last techno-driven hurrah for the bunker's final night before they moved to luna lounge. in fact, i've delayed this post so much that the night has already moved again, to galapagos.

the DJ sets of spinoza and derek plaslaiko were great as usual, pictures were taken by seze, excellent drinks were served by heather (who is also the criminally underexposed electronic artist doily) of broklyn beats.

tonic was a great place, one of the few venues i felt at home in. it will seriously be missed.

the title of this post comes from the film of the same name