try to misunderstand this girl

lurking on myspace is a music page with thousands of friends and hits, of a little-known girl on a small indie label. except the music is not only not what's come to be known as "indie" in the past few years, but its creator is staunchly against any such scenes. "i dont listen to electro or whattafuck," her bio reads, "i just do it. 5 years ago i found out it was funny pushing buttons and rotating knobs to make stupid noises and make fun of those pretentious indie electroassholes. hey youuuu, i know it's just noise and screams, you dont need to remember me i know what i'm doing."

thus is summed up the music and persona of miss violetta beauregarde, the musical name of cristina gauri, a swiss-italian girl. no doubt many of her fans first saw or recognized her under the name aiki on alt-porn site suicidegirls [wikipedia link, safe for work].

that little backstory may influence some of the unbridled anger and attitude put forth. people tend to make assumptions once someone's posed naked for all the world to see. "first of all, i'm fat, so dont trust in the pics you've seen and most of alla dont add me if you wish to score me cause you could get slightly disappointed at seeing me in the real life," she spits on her myspace intro. google image results for aiki turn her up as tatooed but adorable, all smooth skin and big eyes. by contrast, miss violetta is often dressed "like shit" (in her words), sneering, screaming, dirty, bloody, and hunching over cheap gear common to noise artists.

except that the music isn't simply noise as she says. the lo-fi sounds and cheap keyboard/drum sounds are reminiscient of xiu xiu, but informed by the in-your face beats and breakdowns of kid606. her accented screaming might bring to mind such polarizing women as yoko ono or atari teenage riot's hanin elias.

you wouldn't think that anything listenable would come out of such a noxious stew, and to many it probably isn't. but her small-scale sonic destruction can be addictive, and the 16 songs in 20 minutes of her CD go by way too fast. songs like "flanger when you die" (see video below) end up sticking in your head with their rhythmic chanting - and they don't even make any sense. not that they need to. the way she spits out "flanger when you die, when you when you die, it's a flanger when you die, when you fuckin' die!" is the essence of punk, probably the most important element in this electronic junkpile.

miss violetta would probably be appalled to know that song also brings to mind a moment from indie rock giants pixies: between songs on surfer rosa black francis shouts "you fuckin' die!" and then launches into a lengthy explanation of why he said that. with violetta however, there is no explanation, except the blanket statement that she spends most of her time "hating," especially indie scenesters. even my emailed comparison of her to some of the bands above drew the response "ha ha i hate xiu xiu and atari teenage riot."

in fact miss gauri seems to hate anything that takes itself too seriously, so it's odd that her latest CD is housed in a dour gorey-esque black cover with a long latin title, even if the meaning translates into another pissed-off swipe at her potential audience ("i hate the masses and i spurn them"). some of the public has responded in kind, predictably and rudely bringing up her nude pictures and vague resemblance to a certain icelandic pixie in online comments on her musical output.

judging from her attitude, she's either thick-skinned or prepared to respond with both anger and impish humor; her website contains an invitation to download a video entitled "aiki_blowjob_double_penetration.mpeg" which appears to be a large white rat swimming downstream. meanwhile her myspace blog makes reference to acting in a hardcore porn movie with some italian rappers. whether this is true or not isn't the point; she's manipulating people's perceptions and desires. while several of her fellow suicidegirls tour in a faux-punk burlesque, shaking their asses to a predetermined beat, gauri tours with her own beats, rocking everyone else's asses. rather than sliding helplessly down a slippery slope others have gone down before, gauri seems ready to do whatever she wants on her own terms.

the title of this post comes from a song on mvb's latest album.