video made the laptop star

wednesday saw another installment of jon keith brunelle's psychasthenia society, which i talked about in more detail in this post. this time brunelle told three separate short stories instead of a long three-parter. clever and wryly amusing as always, with a touch of pathos and poignancy in the second story about his former trade show years.

besides the promise of the excellent storytelling, angel, bianca, and i went mainly to see ryan smith of stars like fleas debut his project a million billion, which will have an album out on praemedia next year. i likened it to recent live coil but not as harsh, lovely clean-but-edgy electronic tones shifting and bouncing between speakers. good for deep listening. glomag was also quite enjoyable, although more beat-oriented, and daniel vatsky did some excellent video work.

the title of this post is a paraphrase of a song by the buggles.