blood on the floor

as much as i find the above image funny (found by robin), it shouldn't be taken as disrespect towards throbbing gristle, at least not from me. they are one of the most important bands ever. that may seem like hyperbole, but it's true. love them, hate them, or anything in between, without them starting their "information war" on their DIY label industrial records, that genre of music would never have existed, or at least not in that form or with that name. somewhat confusingly for most people, it's been co-opted since the late 80's by a form of dance or rock music that was influenced by the early pioneers. i love those bands too, but to me "industrial" will always mean grating noise, the sound of factories, bleak imagery, intelligent lyrics, and confrontational attitude. all these things have influenced not only two generations of bands operating under that musical style, but also more poppy artists such as depeche mode and even suzanne vega, not to mention the sound design in movies and television shows.

i bring this up because TG have recently reactivated in the past few years, after disbanding in 1981. after an abortive festival event that turned into a one-off live recording session, the original 4 members have been working on mixing and making additional contributions to the new album. i've gotten to hear some of genesis p-orridge's work on it (through his co-conspirator bryin dall), and it sounds amazing. it should be out before the end of the year, barring a fatal teletubbies attack.

the title of this post comes from a TG song.