softer than shadow and quicker than flies

above is one of the new pictures added to ocular spectra this week. this was taken at a recent 14th street loft party i didn't bother blogging about because the headliners, kill memory crash, had their gear stolen, so we left. however, the night wasn't a total loss since i got some good shots like this one. i also took one i used for this flyer.

other ocular spectra photos were originally going to be used by ben and angel for the debut cd by their new musical project averauschen. however they decided to go for cover made of more textural materials, which is being worked on by josh. i'm looking forward to seeing how that comes out, as i'm a big fan of weirdly-packaged, limited-edition stuff. however, my photography and design are still available for similar endeavors. hint hint.

the title of this post comes from lullaby by the cure.