excess of sorrow laughs

thanks to gothamist for pointing the way to i am fucking terrified. with all the increasing tension surrounding the nyc subway system, most recently manifesting in the decision to have the NYPD conduct random searches of transit riders' bags, i needed a decidedly non-pc laugh. some of the pieces are hysterically funny. like any contributor-driven content, it varies wildly in cleverness, execution, and taste, but it's definitely worth a look, although it should overall be considered not safe for work viewing.

most of the entries (like the one above) appear to be in reaction to the recent london bombings. a really well-done one is this spoof of the london underground logo. as awful as these events are, nervous, giddy black humor is how some people deal with tragedy. it's better than just sitting around being fucking terrified.

the title of this post is a quote from william blake.