i see i hear

last thursday was the second set of performances as part of the video as an instrument program put together by jeremy slater at the tank. the two-week gallery exhibit and live shows turned the idea of video as sound accompaniment on its head; in this case, video signals were used as a source for sound.

several interesting video/audio loops ran on a variety of equipment downstairs. my favorite was the monitor mounted inside a giant block of wood, which invited people to hammer nails and become part of the work, echoing the visual and audio elements on the screen and speakers.

meanwhile upstairs, adam kendall and o.blaat's ambient atmospherics were mesmerizing but definitely not sleep-inducing (see above). the evening was closed out by a deliciously brain-hammering set by chiaki and david linton, which had me too enraptured and consumed with furious head-nodding to take pictures. the comparatively low-tech video software and analog/toy instruments melded with newer technology to form something that would make ant-zen and op-art fans salivate.

the title of this post comes from a song by the verve.