it's beginning to and back again

monday night i crammed myself into a tiny theater to finally catch the independent film primer, just before it disappeared completely. i found myself immediately sucked into its world and overwhelmed by endless conundrums which wound tighter around each other as the film built up to a somewhat unfathomable climax and ominous dénoument. unfortunately, like the matrix, no one can be told what it is; you have to see it for yourself. i think it's harder to market, but more rewarding if the viewer figures things out in real-time. this isn't an easy task, in fact its storytelling style is even more oblique than memento, which it seems related to in some ways. the main characters speak fluent, frequently-interrupted tech-talk and business jargon that needs as much audience attention as shakespeare dialogue. it's still basically english, but slightly removed from the language most people are used to speaking and understanding. even those without knowledge of certain buzzwords can glean the story from the context, but if you get distracted for a minute, you may find yourself lost. others may find the bland backgrounds and small cast boring, but if you grasp what's going on it's quite a ride. i plan to pick this up as soon as it's out on DVD because it necessitates repeated viewings.

the title of this post comes from the album of the same name by wire.