you can't see what i can see

at the movable hype show put on by gothamist at the knitting factory. various people took pictures at the show, such as bluejake, tien mao, larimdame, youngna, and whatisee. in fact, some of these sites have a picture of me on them. which ones? that would be telling.

below is one of the shots i took that night. i consider the difference between the pictures to be proof that photographers don't really take pictures of objects or people, but of something in their own heads. this one will end up on my photo site.

this post's title is a reference to a track by heavy d and the boyz, a generally lightweight (ha ha) rap act from the 90's. while not exactly a classic, i still have a soft spot for this one because it not only contains lyric samples from public enemy (back when they were both good and relevant), but also recontextualizes the brilliant bassline groove from bitches' brew by miles davis. ironically, the pe song sampled, "she watch channel zero," is based on a sample of slayer's "angel of death," and, along with the same sample in kmfdm's "godlike," was actually instrumental in getting me into slayer.