a rose by any other name

as should be the case every monday, i've added five pictures to ocular spectra, my photo site. there seems to be some debate over the definition of a photoblog. i think the chronological aspect qualifies mine, even if that aspect is ephemeral. except for photoblogs created by mobile phone or downloaded obsessively immediately after shooting (or at least the day of), there's always an element of untruth to the time frame associated with a certain image. these images are in fact mostly shot right around the time they're posted, so they are documents that define at least a vague point in time. the categories are there because i like aesthetic and meaningful groupings of photos rather than just random shots.

this reminds me of one of the alternate titles for this blog, apophenia. unfortunately, it was already taken, apparently in vain since it remains unadorned for over a year.

if you don't know the title of this post comes from shakespeare, get this.