rise rise rise

tonight i'm DJing at the monthly dogs blood rising night at the lucky cat in brooklyn, along with my esteemed colleague DJ abstract.

some of what i spin at DBR:

aarktika, adult., aphex twin, apparat, autechre, william basinski, beefcake, beef terminal, bjork, calla, chris clark, chronomad, coil, converter, the coral, current 93, delerium, deru, richard devine, disjecta, dj shadow, ekkhard ehlers, brian eno, michael fakesch, faust, fog, fourtet, ghost, gridlock, helios, hilmar orn hilmarsson, kero, lali puna, legendary pink dots, low, lull, maserati, mogwai, murcof, mus, my bloody valentine, the notwist, nurse with wound, on air library, the orb, pluramon, portishead, proem, sigur ros, somatic responses, ms. john soda, laub, kid606, ladytron, soma, squarepusher, tarentel, t.raumschmiere, yen pox, and music from soundtracks like memento, lost in translation, and nadja. sometimes simultaneously.

if you think i'm going to link to each of those artists, you're insane. google anyone you haven't heard of, they're worth checking out.

the title of this post comes from the song "the death of the corn" by current 93, who also provided the title for this night with their second album.