my life in the bush of ghosts

above is a picture of the violinist from ONDA playing at dogs blood rising last night. there was also a percussionist and laptop artist/vocalist. the percussionist was especially impressive, with the great tones he got out of the variously-sized cymbals he rubbed and scraped. portions reminded me of parts of homotopy to marie or live at bar maldoror by nurse with wound or how to destroy angels by coil. that's a big compliment.

speaking of coil, as a sort of tribute to the late jhonn balance, i played a rare coil track called "broken aura," which has only been distributed semi-officially on the coil website a few years ago via their "song of the week", when the band would make an mp3 of some unreleased or unfinished track available online. the lyrics are pretty eerily apropos. this track was buoyed a bit towards the end by mixing in parts of "quiet and alone" by peter gabriel from the birdy soundtrack. finally, i thought it was appropriate to play "the ladder" from thejacob's ladder soundtrack to echo balance's troubled but hopefully ultimately peaceful ascension.

the title of this post comes from the album of the same name by david byrne and brian eno. here it refers to jhonn balance, the missing presence of several people who should have been at the night, and the fact that i coincidentally played songs from the album ghost by third eye foundation and a song by the japanese band ghost.